Dog Breeds

  • Russian Toy Terrier

    Long legs and a lean yet muscular build complement the elegant look of the petite Russian Toy.

  • Group: Terrier
    Lifespan: 12–14 yr
    Height: 7–11 in
    Weight: 3–6 lb

  • Care

    When it comes to grooming, this breed is relatively low-maintenance. To keep your longhaired Russian Toy looking their best, brush a couple of times per week, and give baths monthly. For the smooth-coated Russian Toy, a weekly brushing and the occasional bath are sufficient.

    The Russian Toy is a happy, moderately energetic, playful dog that benefits from several walks each day. But this breed's neck and trachea are fragile. So, be sure to use a harness rather than a collar on walks.

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  • Disorders

    Always visit a professional veterinarian if you believe your dog may have health issues.

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