What is Doggolingo or DoggoSpeak ?

Doggolingo, also sometimes referred to as “DoggoSpeak”, is an internet language or meme-inspired lingo that’s centered around dogs and the way they might “talk” or the way we interpret their actions and expressions. It’s characterized by its playful, exaggerated words and phrases.

The language originated on the internet and is popular on social media platforms, particularly those where dog photos and videos are frequently shared, like Reddit, Facebook, and Instagram.

It’s all in good fun and is a whimsical way to celebrate and anthropomorphize our canine companions.

Here are some popular Doggolingo terms:

Term Definition Example
Doggo A dog. “Look at that cute doggo playing in the park!”
Pupper A puppy or sometimes a small dog. “Awww, that little pupper is so adorable!”
Bork A bark. “Did you hear that? The neighbor’s doggo did a loud bork!”
Blep When a dog (or cat) sticks out a tiny bit of its tongue. “Look at her blep! It’s the cutest thing.”
Mlem A more pronounced tongue-out action, especially when licking. “He gave a big mlem to that ice cream cone.”
Boop To touch or tap, usually on the nose. “Give that snoot a gentle boop!”
Snoot A dog’s nose. “His snoot is always wet and cold.”
Fren Friend. “Every doggo at the park is his fren.”
Heck A mild expletive, or expression of surprise/frustration. “What the heck, fren? You ate all the treats!”
Doing me a frighten Getting scared. “That thunder did me a big frighten!”
Fluffer A particularly fluffy dog. “That Samoyed is such a fluffer!”
V smol Very small. “Look at that v smol pupper in that huge bed!”
Bamboozle To trick or deceive. “I thought you were throwing the ball, but it was a bamboozle!”
Zoomies When a dog runs around wildly, often in circles. “After his bath, he got the zoomies and dashed all over the house.”
Henlo A cute way to say hello. “Henlo, fren! Good to see you!”
Sploot When a dog lays down with its legs stretched out behind it. “Look at the corgi doing a perfect sploot!”
Tol Tall or big. “That Great Dane is a tol boye!”
Smol bean A term of endearment for a tiny dog. “That Chihuahua is such a smol bean!”
Chonk Referring to a dog that’s a bit overweight or particularly round. “That bulldog is a chonky boye.”
Floof A term for a dog with a thick, fluffy coat. “I love brushing my floof, even if it means hair everywhere!”

Remember, Doggolingo is all about playful, exaggerated words and phrases. It’s a fun way to express affection for dogs and the joy they bring into our lives!