Why a Dog Owner Should Learn Puppy CPR

Pet owners need to be prepared for any emergencies that could come their way, especially if they are responsible for the care of a puppy. It is very important for owners to remember that puppies are essentially babies. Puppies mature faster than a normal child, therefore it is still the responsibility of the pet owner to render aid at any moment. Pet owners cannot constantly watch their puppies 24 hours a day and those puppies might find some dangerous object on the floor or around the house, and swallow it. No pet owner wants to be a helpless bystander when that happens and the best way to ensure that the owner is a helper instead is to have a healthy grasp on a lifesaving method. The most generally useful method is for the owner to learn the basics of puppy CPR. It is an easy process to learn and an informed owner would benefit greatly from it.

Puppies in emergencies require medical assistance. It is best for pet owners to know the basics of puppy CPR because it may be the difference between a healthy young dog and a tragic loss. All the caring pet owner has to do is look at this infographic by Carrington College and see how easy and reasonable it is to save a puppy’s life.



Puppy CPR Infographic