Tips on Raising a Puppy

Being a good dog owner takes effort. When you have a puppy, it is depending on you for help and survival. If you cannot be there for them, they are not going to have the proper raising that they need. This may result in poor behavior as well as issues all around with your dog once it is older, which means that your pup may end up causing you a lot of problems. This can become dangerous, messy, and costly, and none of it is going to help the dog in the end. There are plenty of puppy tips out there for you to use, so take advantage of them for everyone’s sake.

When you are raising a puppy, owning puppy supplies is a necessity. This covers a lot of territory and requires more thought than you may think. You have to keep in mind that you may need special items, especially if you have a puppy that likes to chew a lot. If your puppy does chew or is destructive, you are not going to want to use plastic or your own items. You have to make sure that extra items, like toys, suit their chewing needs, as well. Try to keep everything appropriate for the size and personality of your dog, which is usually very simple. Do not forget extra items if you need them, like training pads to help your pup know where to go.

Do not be overly strict. A lot of people go too far when raising and training a puppy, using mostly negative reinforcement. While many people say that this works, it is causing your puppy to fear you. You need to put more focus on the positive reinforcements, like treats for good behavior. While you still need to be strict at times, of course, you should not let yourself go too far.

As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that your pup is healthy. During the early years, a lot of things can happen. To ensure that you do not have a major problem on your hands, keep watch over the pup. You need to have more control over where the puppy goes and what it does. This will also give you the chance to avoid serious damage around the home. When the puppy is roaming or when you are not being vigilant, things can happen that will affect you, the puppy, and anyone else involved.

Owning puppy training books is helpful for some, but do not depend on them. There are plenty of people out there who find their assistance invaluable, of course, but they should not be your puppy manual. You have to remember that not all puppies are the same. Breeds are different from one another and so are the individual pups. Do what is best for you and you puppy, not only what you read in a book.

There are plenty more puppy tips out there, some that might help you with your specific situation, so look into them and take advantage of the knowledge available.