Your First Meeting With A New Veterinarian

When calling to set-up a meeting with a brand new veterinarian, let him know right away that you have a new dog and that you would like to meet with the vet and his staff. Inform the receptionist that you would like to get to know his practice before they examine your dog. Do not apologize or feel bad for this type of visit. The receptionist knows that you deserve the right to get acquainted with the vet before you decide to give them your money for the caring of your dog.

You could say something like ‘Hi, I have a new dog and I am calling to make an appointment for a visit. Right now I’m in the process of selecting a veterinarian and I would like to know if I could see the office and get more information about the doctor and his practice’.

Your First Appointment

When you meet the veterinarian for the first time, make sure to ask your questions in a friendly, non-interrogating manner. Do not cross-examine as though you are waiting to hear the wrong answer. Doing so will make the vet feel very uncomfortable and defensive. It is unlikely that you will get a good description of his or her character, and the doctor is definitely not going to appreciate getting cross-examined!

Bring Your Credit Card

Be ready to take out your credit card on your first office visit. Although you are not there for a check-up with your dog, this is still a meeting between you, the vet, and your dog. It is, therefore, reasonable for you to pay for the time that it will take for him or her to get to know both you and your pet. In return, the vet should give you his or her undivided attention, answer all of your questions, and be able to provide you with all of the necessary information about his practice.

Once you get to your first appointment with a vet that you have chosen, you do not have to feel obligated to stay with him or her if you did not feel comfortable with the initial visit.