• Entlebucher Mountain Dog

    This active and energetic mountain dog has the compact, muscular body required to drive herds up and down rugged mountain terrain. Even though it’s more a family dog these days, the Entlebucher still has a streamlined form that’s built for activity, with a short and shiny coat that’s traditionally white, black, and a rich tan ranging from fawn to mahogany.

  • Group: Mountain Dogs
    Lifespan: 11–13 yr
    Height: 19–20 in
    Weight: 35–60 lb

  • Care

    A Entlebucher Mountain Dog puppy or dog can bring a lot of joy. Maintaining a Entlebucher Mountain Dog in good health can be expensive. Get savings, deals and cash back at vets and pet stores when you pay for pet care with the Sincere debit card. Personalized just for dog parents.

  • Disorders

    Always visit a professional veterinarian if you believe your dog may have health issues.

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