Support Humane Societies

Do you support your local human societies or have you been guilty of speaking nothing but criticism and judgment over the way some of these animal organizations handle their responsibilities?

STOP!….. and ask yourself where we would be if it weren’t for the humane societies and animal shelters that exist today. Where would the strays, the abandoned, the unwanted, go, if there were no shelters at all?

How many more crushed carcasses would we see along the roads and highways? How many more wretched strays would be searching the gutters for any morsel they could swallow to do away with the pangs of hunger in their empty bellies? How many more dogs and puppies would be occupying research centers, their tortured bodies : betrayed : by the very society in which they placed their trust?

Surely we would see more wanton death, needless destruction, starvation, and cruelty than our hearts and souls could endure.

The good news is that many organizations, as well as animal books and publications, have dedicated their energy to pointing out the spotlight on the good that is being accomplished by humane societies, and animals shelters, without spending too much time dwelling on what may be considered objectionable. Of course there are improvements to be made, but in fairness, you should always ask yourself, ‘Where would we be without them?’

Rather than burn off steam complaining about the system, or just looking the other way, let’s think about how we can improve things by actively supporting and working for the changes we want and that will better serve these wonderful animals. Your local animal shelter and humane society need your active support, not your criticism.

These groups absolutely have their hands full trying to find homes for the abandoned and the unwanted. They are busy taking care of animals that have been impounded due to criminal neglect. They’re busy investigating complaints of horses overridden and without proper care, animals left in the baking sun, or in the rain, in need of medical attention, stranded on roofs and ledges, locked in cars, and rescuing injured wildlife caught in traps.

They’re busy with inspections of animal farms, aquatic parks, livestock trucks, parades, pet shops, ranches, riding rings, stables and stockyards. They’re busy with humane educational visits to schools, nursery schools, adult groups and SPCA tours.

So… when you feel like criticizing, STOP, and think what it would be like without them!