What If Dogs Had Their Own Debit Cards?

Just how much impulse control does your dog have? Even the very best boy (or girl) couldn’t resist the temptation of a spending spree if they had their own debit cards.

Time to Call Uber!

Imagine the day when the card first arrives in the mail for your dog. After snagging your phone off the couch, the dog uses its nose to set up an Uber account.

Within minutes, a driver arrives to take him on a trip around town to buy everything his heart desires.

He immediately rolls down the window and sticks his head out to let his jowls and ears flap in the wind. Adventure awaits!

A Pet Store Shopping Spree

So, what’s the first stop? He’d head to the pet store of course. Some people say money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy a new friend at the pet store, so he’ll adopt a puppy.

Toys and Comfort

Then, they’ll head down the toy aisle and buy all the dog toys they want: squeaky toys, frisbees, balls, ropes, rubber bones, treat dispensers, puzzle toys, and laser pointers.

The dog bed aisle comes next. They decide to try out every bed, Goldilocks style. Of course, they decide that only the softest and cushiest beds will do. The dogs also pick out cute dog houses for outdoor time. They’ve already loaded up multiple carts at this point.

Fashion and Comfort

Now for fashion. Your dog’s more of a sweater and bowtie dog, but his new puppy pal is a fan of the leather jacket and studded collar option. They also get a cute dinosaur costume for the puppy.

The dogs each pick out matching collars and leashes for walks. They even pick out tactical vests for long hikes with room for treats.

Food and Treats

Food comes next, and only the best treats and wet foods will do. Forget boring dry foods. After all, now they have a debit card.

It’s hard to make a choice at the bone and rawhide aisle, so they take five of everything.

Future Planning

To end their pet store visit, the two dogs get a wash and a haircut because they want to look their best in the wide world.

Their stylist recommends they grab some flea and tick medicine for the hike they plan later, so they grab that before ringing up their purchases and presenting their debit card.

She also convinces them to buy pet insurance because she gets a commission for selling it, and she’s good at her job.

They call a moving company with a truck big enough for all their purchases.

Grocery Store Bonanza

Their next destination is the grocery store. Sure, they got treats and wet food at the pet store, but they play second fiddle to real food.

Of course, they ask the moving truck driver to wait for them outside.

It’s time to get all the foods and treats they’ve been denied. Who cares if they get fat? It’s time to load up the cart.

The fruits and veggies might be the first thing they see when he gets in the door, but they have their minds on bigger prizes: 12 types of cheese, raw meat, fish, ham bones, fresh eggs, and all the desserts.

The dogs go wild in the pizza aisle, realizing they can buy entire pizzas instead of needing to beg for pizza bones.

Why wait to eat? They’ve already gobbled down half the food in their carts but they’ve kept the empty packages to scan. Clean up on aisle 9, please; it’s a mess!

Home Again

Once they’re back home, the two dogs pop a pizza in the oven and sign up for DogTV for themselves.

It’s probably a good thing your dog doesn’t have access to a debit card after all. Self-control would surely go out the window, and your dog would balloon three times its ordinary size. Not to mention that you’d acquire an extra pet, have to buy a new fridge for the garage, and need to dedicate an entire room just to hold all their treasures.

Sincere: The First Cash Back Debit Card for Pet Parents

While giving your dog the debit card may be a bad idea, there’s no reason you can’t have a debit card that rewards you for spending money on your pets.

Sincere is the first debit card that offers cash back for pet parents when they make pet purchases.

Of course, you may not indulge your pets like they would indulge themselves, but we know you still like to spoil them. And just owning a dog costs money.

Defraying the Cost of Owning a Dog

The good news is that 1000s of pet brands accept the Sincere debit card. So, every time you use your Sincere debit card to pay for services for your pets, our premium partners offer you cash back. Your pet purchases also earn food for animal rescue shelters.

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), a dog costs $14,480-$15,782 over its lifetime. Forbes puts the cost even higher at $17,650-$93,520.

So, where does all that money go?

  • Health: Vaccines, wellness checkups, emergency vet visits, virtual vet visits, medicine, and dental care costs $700-$1500 per year.
  • Grooming: You may spend $25-$1400 on grooming supplies, hair cuts, shampoos, and nail trims.
  • Food: Food costs $120-$900 per year, depending on the size of your dog and whether it’s eating dog food or a real food diet.
  • Toys and Treats: Most dog owners spend $35-$250 on toys and treats alone.
  • Other costs: Licenses, collars, leashes, training, dog walkers, kenneling, supplements, and pet insurance can add to the total.

Get on the Sincere Waiting List Today

What are you waiting for? Get on the waitlist for a Sincere debit card today. It will save you on all the items you buy throughout the year for your best friend. You can also choose to add your pet’s picture to the front. Plus, since Sincere offers debit cards, so they don’t require credit checks or charge fees to go with your cash back.