How To Prevent Periodontal Disease In Dogs

Here are some quick tips to prevent common dental problems found in dogs.

1. Regular brushing with toothpaste made for pets. Ideally, canine companions and feline friend’s teeth should be brushed daily. If it can’t be done every day, it should at least be done several times a week. Puppies and kittens are easy to train to tolerate this, but that doesn’t mean an older dog or cat can’t learn a new trick. Just be patient with them and give lots of rewards.

2. Speaking of rewards, there are treats that are specifically formulated for oral hygiene. On the days when brushing might not be possible, or during the training process, reward pets with special dental formulated treats.

3. Using water supplements to freshen breath and fight germs. This method is great for everyday preventative use, but does not take the place of brushing and chew toys. Think of this like using mouthwash. It freshens and leaves a clean feeling between brushing, but it doesn’t actually brush the junk away.

4. Regular veterinary visits to check all your pet’s systems, including their gums and teeth. Veterinarians know what to look out for and when to recommend a full dental cleaning.

Always seek your veterinarians advice if you have any concerns.