Sincere Corporation is Not Sincere

We’ve noticed some confusion recently. Many of our customers have been asking if we are related to a new company called Sincere Corporation. The answer is a definitive no. Although our names are alike and our logos look similar, we are two distinct entities. We are Sincere Financial Inc., and they are Sincere Corporation.

Sincere Corporation

Sincere Corporation was established in June 2023. They, like us, are a technology platform. However, they serve a different sector of the consumer market. We have a robust history and an extensive customer base that we’re immensely proud of.

The similarity in our names and logos has led to understandable confusion. A quick glance at both might make you think they’re the same, or at least connected. But we assure you, they’re not. We have no ties to Sincere Corporation. Our operations, goals, and target markets differ.


Our company, Sincere Financial Inc., caters to a wide range of financial services for pet parents. Our focus lies in empowering our customers with secure, user-friendly solutions. As a leader in financial technology, we aim to drive innovation and convenience in the financial sector. Our ultimate goal is to simplify financial transactions, making them more accessible to everyone.

Sincere Corporation, however, operates in a different sphere. They cater to a different audience and offer different services. Despite the similarities in branding, our companies follow separate paths.

We understand the confusion this may cause for our customers and stakeholders. In the vast landscape of businesses, overlap in names and logos can occur. It’s important to confirm the identity of the company you’re dealing with.

We’re taking this opportunity to clear up any misconceptions. Our company’s full name is Sincere Financial Inc. If you’re dealing with a business named Sincere Corporation, know that it’s a separate entity. It has no connection to us.

Despite the confusion, our focus remains clear. We’re here to provide you with the best financial services technology.

Remember, we are Sincere, not Sincere Corporation.