Booking a Pet Sitter: Handy Tips and What You Need to Know

Heading out for a vacation or even a short break can sometimes be tinged with worry about leaving your beloved pets behind. Traveling with pets isn’t always easy, and many animals feel happiest staying in their cozy home. So what’s the solution? Get a reliable pet sitter who can ensure your pet is comfy and safe while you’re away. This article offers an easy-to-understand guide on hiring a pet sitter to make your time away as worry-free as possible for you and your furry friend.

Showing the Pet Sitter Around Your Home

Your home is your pet’s kingdom. When a pet sitter knows the ins and outs of your house, they can take the best care of your pet. Take them for a tour, showing them essential spots like alarm codes, circuit breakers, water shut-off valves, and areas that could be risky for your pet, such as places with sharp objects or dangerous gaps.

Don’t forget to provide the sitter with a rundown of your pet’s favorite outdoor spots, walking paths, and any special places they love. If your pet is a fan of backyard play, let the sitter know about any possible escape routes and whether your pet needs someone watching during playtime. 

Building a Personalized Pet Schedule

Every pet is different and thrives on their own unique routine. This means giving the pet sitter a full schedule of your pet’s day-to-day activities. The plan should include feeding instructions, meal sizes, and, if you’ve got multiple pets, the feeding order.

The schedule should cover more than just meal times—it should also include playtimes, walks, and your pet’s favorite games. For instance, does your dog adore a game of fetch with his special ball? Make sure to include all these details for the sitter.

Also, let the sitter know about your pet’s habits, likes, and behaviors. Do they enjoy a good cuddle on the couch? Or maybe they only get affectionate when tempted with treats? Sharing your pet’s quirks prepares the sitter to interact with your pet in the best possible way.

Preparation is Key

Being ready for an emergency is super important when it comes to pet sitting. Make a list of important contacts, including trusted friends or relatives who should know about your plans. Also, leave the contact details of where you’re staying, and your vet’s contact information. Don’t forget to include your pet’s vaccination records and any medication schedules.

Tell your neighbor or landlord about your pet sitter, and give them the sitter’s contact details. For added peace of mind, consider leaving a spare key with a neighbor, just in case the sitter loses theirs.

Making your home pet-safe is a key step for your pet’s safety. Make sure no gaps in the fence could let your dog escape, and remove any sharp objects they could reach. Keep medicines, cleaning products, and other potentially harmful items well out of your pet’s reach. 

Giving your pet sitter written instructions is a great way to keep them organized and ensure they can take the best care of your pet. These instructions can range from food prep and storage—highlighting any food allergies your pet might have—to how to give medication, along with a practical demo if needed.

Make sure all pet supplies are easy to find and accessible for the sitter. These might include pet toys, grooming tools, food, bowls, poop bags, and a first aid kit. If you have different pets with specific dietary needs, consider labeling food containers to avoid any mix-ups.

Building a Bond Between Your Pet and the Sitter

Before you head off, it’s a good idea to arrange a meet-up between your pet and the pet sitter. Pets can feel nervous around strangers, so this initial get-together can help ease any fears and make the change smoother.

The Importance of Being Prepared

Putting in the time to prepare for a pet sitter brings lots of benefits. Firstly, you can relax during your time away, knowing your pet is in good hands. Secondly, your pet sitter will feel confident and ready to take on their responsibilities. 

The key to peace of mind is hiring a reliable and trustworthy pet sitter. Ask for recommendations, have a chat with potential sitters, and make sure that the person you entrust with your pet knows what you expect and can meet your needs.

In the end, your pet’s comfort and safety are what matters most. Boarding can often lead to stress and anxiety in pets, making a pet sitter a great alternative. This not only keeps your pet’s routine undisturbed but also ensures the safety of your home and pet. Follow these steps, and you can jet off on vacation, confident that your pet is in the best hands.

Bonus Tips to Enhance Your Pet’s Experience

  1. Trial Run: Consider setting up a trial run before you leave. This gives the pet sitter a chance to get used to the routine and the pet to get comfortable with their new friend. This could be as simple as having the sitter walk your pet or feed them a few times before you leave.

  2. Daily Check-ins: Ask the sitter for daily updates on your pet. These could be texts, calls, or even photos and videos. This helps you stay connected and reassured that your pet is happy and well.

  3. Special Treats: Leave some special treats or toys for the sitter to give your pet. This can help build a positive connection with the sitter and also comfort your pet while you’re away.

  4. Health Details: Provide detailed information about your pet’s health, including signs of common illnesses to watch for and what to do in those cases. 

By following these extra tips, you can make the pet sitting experience even smoother and more enjoyable for everyone involved.

These handy pet sitter tips was provided by Cooper Pet Care.