Is Pet Food Recall Finally Smartening People Up?

Commercial pet food is a multi-billion-dollar industry that seems to grow in sales each year that goes by.  What is happening here, are more animals being adopted, or are more pet owners being sold on the idea that dogs absolutely must eat commercial dog food in order to be healthy?

With so many people buying commercially processed dog food and other pet foods, why then were they so surprised about the alarming pet food recall?

People Are Smartening Up

There are many dog and cat owners who can see through the advertising and myths of feeding a cat ‘cat food’ and a dog ‘dog food’. However, most people seem to just fly through their lives, being busier than ever, and due to convenience, believe everything that corporations are telling them: or should we say ‘selling’ them. However, the increase in pet food recall has started to wake up many dog owners, and other pet owners, to the fact that these products may not be as healthy as the commercials claim.

Although many dog and pet owners neglect thorough research on nutrition and continue to believe that processed pet food is the best thing to feed their animals, it doesn’t mean that they do not care.  We all want our pets to be healthy and have the best possible food that is good for them.  And unfortunately, many of these pet owners truly believed they were doing the right things for their pets.  Luckily, with tainted food causing many pets to get ill, as well as a few deaths, more and more people are starting to ask questions and find out the truth behind proper nutrition for their pets.