The Perfect Fence For Your Dog’s Backyard Paradise

Regardless of how large your backyard maybe, all puppies will make their best effort to try to escape. Of course, this can be prevented, so long as you have a fence that is secured appropriately. And this is important, as many small communities have local leash laws and pet-oriented ordinances that prohibit dogs from roaming the streets on their own, not to mention the dangers your dog or puppy can face on its own.

Your Choice Of Fences

The quality and type of fence you can expect to enclose your yard area in will depend on a few factors: What is your budget? How big and strong is your dog? If he is a puppy then how large will he grow up to be? Does your community have any specific restrictions concerning the installation of backyard fences? Where your expectations?

The most attractive fences to use, and most expensive, are made out of wrought iron, masonry, or wood stockade. On the other hand, slightly less attractive and a little more affordable would be standard farm type or chain-link fence design.

Electronic fences, otherwise known as electronic pet containment systems are a unique option that has a hidden or buried wire system. Although I prefer a well-built, wooden fence construction, these invisible electronic fences are a perfect solution for those communities that will not allow you to install standard fences or any other visual barriers between your property and the next.

Electronic Fence Warning: There are many cases when a dog that has a strong innate desire to chase an animal or a car will prod right through the invisible barrier while seemingly ignoring the warning beeps of the structure and ultimately absorbing the electronic shock that is initiated. Your dog may then be uninterested in reentering the yard after the chase is over.

Another issue to be concerned about is that electronic fenced-in areas do not protect your dog from other strangers or animals that can come into the yard. While your dog cannot pass through the invisible barrier, anybody or anything could freely walk inside and become a potential threat to your dog, or vice versa.

Other Fencing Details To Keep In Mind

Consider the size of the spacing that runs between the bars or wires of a farm-type fence or iron fence. Although it seems like preventative common sense, I have seen an entire fence go under construction and finished within a week’s time only to prove unstoppable for the owner’s puppies. The spacing was too wide! This simple detail in planning would have made all the difference in the world.

Another aspect of having a fence built specifically for your dog is to consider the design in connection with your dog’s climbing abilities. Pit bulls and other dogs such as the huskie will require fences that cannot be climbed or easily torn up.

A perfect solution here would be a 5 ½  to 6-foot tall stockade fence or masonry wall. This construction will also help prevent your dog from seeing through to other properties and other dogs, which could lead to territorial behavior problems.