Backyard Party : How To Host A Successful BBQ With Dogs In Mind

The next time you decide to put on a small barbecue party in your backyard during the warm, sunny summer months, make considerations for your dog and other guest’s dogs. Most friend and family gatherings are planned and entertained without a single thought of providing an atmosphere where both dogs and people can enjoy themselves together.

And consider for a moment just how more pleasant the atmosphere will be with your close friends and dear family members enjoying themselves with a drink and a good hamburger on the deck of your house, while just off the corner of your eye your dog is having the time of his life, chasing and being chased by other guest’s pet dogs.

Not only will your BBQ appeal to everyone attending, but how cool would it be to tell them that they can bring their family pet along for fun and games? So during your next backyard event, take some time to plan ahead and include these animals in the plan.

Plan For Success

According to the Hearth Patio and BBQ Association, the backyard party trend has blown up into a $55 billion dollar per year industry. Houses are becoming smaller and more and more families look towards their home for fun and relaxation. Lawn chairs, picnic tables, and cooking facilities are all designed to bring the inside party ‘out’.

What you want to avoid is having your dog or someone else’s dog jump up into people’s laps begging for food and annoying the guests. Such behavior can ruin a good time, especially when drinks are spilled and dog paws just ruined your best friend’s shirt

The key is to single out those guests that have dogs and other dog lovers from the group. A good host for such dog-planning would have new toys that can be played with between your guests and the dogs. Many people love to play fetch and tug-of-war with friendly dogs so why not offer this activity at your BBQ?

Provide a common area for both dogs and your guests. Invest in a fenced-in enclosure where the dogs can play with each other without annoying the rest of your guests. And for the dog enthusiasts of the party who would love to take a break from mingling and head over to the doggie hangout, a perfect common area keeps the fun and games in harmonious order.

Consider the seating arrangements you have made. Think about where each person will be seated and make sure that the dogs are secured in an area that faces the party. Your pets want to be in on the action, even if it’s just to see what’s going on.

If you are hosting a backyard party at night, consider the safety of your animals. Should you allow them to run free, attach a small flashlight to each of the dogs’ collars. This is a perfect way for your guests to see them coming without an accident by stepping on the dogs. You can also attach a bell that jingles which will give people more warning before a dog is approaching.