Dog Fences Are A Great Way To Keep Your Puppy Happy Outdoors

If you have the luxury of owning a backyard piece of property then your puppy or adult dog deserves the freedom of being able to roam outdoors in the yard without the risk of wandering off. Of course, this entails creating a fenced enclosure so that he can run free and spend plenty of time outside.

The type of fenced area you choose can be that of a full yard enclosure like most common homes have, or if there is no fence and the yard is open, you can create a smaller fence with four sides and a small gate. This type of fenced setup will allow your dog to take advantage of his freedom while at the same time benefiting from your company when you are outside handling landscaping tasks. And of course, dogs have the most fun when you play outdoor games with them.

The Cons Of A Fenced Enclosure

Although the benefits of allowing your dog to roam free with fenced borders outside far outweigh the cons, there are a few downsides which you should be aware of. For example, you may be tempted to leave your dog outside in the secured fenced area for a long period of time if you have to leave the house for some reason. This can cause your dog to panic and experience high anxiety levels of stress.

This stress can lead small puppies and dogs to attempt escaping from either climbing the fence or digging through the ground. Never underestimate how far your dog is willing to go when he feels all alone and abandoned. Of course, with time and proper conditioning, most dogs can be trusted when left alone.  However, you should use caution with small puppies and never leave them alone for too long a time.

Electrical Fences

Electrical fences are definitely popular among many dog owners.  You’ll have to decide for yourself if you feel it’s right to keep your dog outside with barriers that can shock him if crossed. Although the dog cannot see these borders, it keeps them enclosed in an area by an underground wire which will shock the animal if he passes over it, due to a specific battery-operated collar around his neck.

Electrical dog fences are known to do a great job at keeping a dog or puppy secure, but there are some safety measures to which you need to adhere to due to the nature of the product. Puppies that are too young should not be confined with an electrical fence.  Your dog must be no younger than six months old. Also, these fences will not prevent other animals from coming into the enclosed area.  This could prove dangerous to your dog.  All in all, just use a little common sense with proper training, and your dog should have no problems with an electrical fence.