• Samoyed

    Samoyeds are medium-sized dogs with thick, weather-resistant coats. They are known for their fluffy, solid-white fur, bright eyes, and slightly upturned mouths.

  • Group: Asian and Oceanian
    Lifespan: 12–15 yr
    Height: 18–22 in
    Weight: 37–70 lb

  • Care

    Samoyeds shed. A lot. Daily grooming can remove excess hair as well as mats and tangles. During seasonal shedding periods—which can occur twice every year—an undercoat rake can help remove dead hair and keep Samoyeds looking their best. Regular nail trims and ear cleanings should also be part of grooming routines. A good dental hygiene program is essential. Start a regular at-home dental care routine when your dog is young. And consult your veterinarian about professional dental cleanings so your Samoyed's smile always looks its best.

    Sammies are food-motivated and respond well to treats as a training reward. But be careful not to offer too many. As a general rule, treats should make up no more than 10% of a dog's daily calories.

  • Disorders

    Hip dysplasia
    Subaortic stenosis Atrial septal defect ( A S D) Cataracts, Cerebellar abiotrophy(ataxia) Corneal dystrophy Deafness Familial kidney disease Glaucoma Growth hormone-responsive dermatosis; adrenal sex hormone responsive dermatosis Hemophilia Hypo-/dysmyelinogenesis ("shaking pup") Leukodystrophies Osteochondrodysplasia - skeletal dwarfism Progressive retinal atrophy Pulmonic stenosis Retinal dysplasiasebaceous adenitis X-linked muscular dystrophyzinc-responsive dermatosis
    Cerebellar abiotrophy(ataxia) Microphthalmia; ocular dysgenesis Myasthenia gravis Shaker dog syndrome Spina bifida

    Always visit a professional veterinarian if you believe your dog may have health issues.