• Poodle (Medium and Standard)

    Standard and Moyenne Poodles are elegant, well-proportioned dogs with frizzy and curly coats.

  • Group: Sporting
    Lifespan: 10–16 yr
    Height: 14–24 in
    Weight: 15–69 lb

  • Care

    Poodles have hair instead of fur. That means—unlike fur coats that grow to a point and then shed—a Poodle's hair keeps growing. Similar to human hair, this breed's hair does still fall out. But it usually falls back into their coats (instead of all over the house). Because of this minimal shedding, Poodles may be a good choice for people with allergies. Though they don't shed much, Poodles still need regular grooming. To keep your dog's hair free from mats and tangles, brush a few times a week. And because their hair grows continuously, plan on haircuts every month or so. Lastly, all dogs should follow an at-home dental care routine that includes regular teeth brushing (in addition to professional dental cleanings).

    To prevent your Poodle from becoming overweight, keep an eye on their food portions. And be sure to take treats into account when tracking their daily calorie intake. As a guideline, treats should make up no more than 10% of a dog's calories.

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  • Disorders

    Always visit a professional veterinarian if you believe your dog may have health issues.

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