Dog Breeds

  • Australian Cattle Dog

    Australian Cattle Dogs are strong, compact, working dogs with powerful, muscular builds that impart strength, stamina, agility, and endurance.

  • Group: Herding
    Lifespan: 12–16 yr
    Height: 17–20 in
    Weight: 31–53 lb

  • Care

    Australian Cattle Dogs have naturally weatherproof coats with no odors or oily residues so a quick brushing and occasional bath are all it takes to keep them looking good. During semi-annual shedding seasons, daily brushing will help remove cast-off undercoat and minimize shedding (and vacuuming). Keep their nails trimmed, too. Like all breeds, Australian Cattle Dogs benefit from regular dental care. Start a routine that includes at-home teeth-brushing and professional cleanings to ensure good oral hygiene throughout their lives.

    Feed Australian Cattle Dogs a high-quality dog food that is appropriate for their life stage (e.g., puppy, adult, senior) and consider a diet formulated for active breeds. Australian Cattle Dogs that are used as working dogs may need extra nutrients to meet their needs. Talk to a veterinarian about the best options.

  • Disorders

    Hip dysplasia
    Cataracts, Deafness, Dermatomyositis and ulcerative dermatosis, Portosystemic shunt, Progressive retinal atrophy
    Retinal dysplasia

    Always visit a professional veterinarian if you believe your dog may have health issues.