Why Adopt a Rescue Dog or Puppy vs Buying?

Adopting a new pet is an exciting experience. However, it can also feel hectic and stressful. When you adopt a dog, you are committing to a new family member for many years. A decision like this requires a lot of thought and consideration.

After making sure that your life situation will be suitable for a dog for the next several years, you have another big decision to make. How will you get your dog?

While many people think they need a certain breed or want to have a puppy, there are many benefits of adopting a rescue dog rather than going through a breeder. There are also ways that you can still find the breed you want and adopt a dog of any age when you choose to rescue a dog.

Let’s dive right in!

The Number of Rescue Dogs Is Vast

The number of unwanted, abused, abandoned, and homeless dogs are too many. These dogs did not choose to be in the situations they are in.

According to the ASPCA, over three million dogs find themselves in some sort of rescue facility each year. Unfortunately, one-fifth of that amount ends up being euthanized. Adopting from a rescue organization can help lower the number of dogs that are put down each year.

Rather than buying from a breeder, you can help turn around a rescue dog’s life. Dogs are such fascinating and resilient creatures. Many dogs come out of terrible situations yet are thankful to finally find a family that loves them how they have always deserved to be loved.

You Can Still Find Puppies

Accidental litters happen all too often. Because of that, it’s frequently easy to find puppies of all breeds. Sometimes organizations even have the mother up for adoption as well. If you’re looking to adopt more than one dog, you can adopt two puppies from the same litter or even adopt a mom and her pup.

Oftentimes, the breed of the is the best guess. So make sure you adopt a puppy with the knowledge that it may grow larger than you expect. Many times people take back their adopted dogs later on because they got “too big.” This is heartbreaking for dogs, so make sure you’re prepared to handle a larger breed, just in case.

There Are Different Ways to Rescue

Regardless of what age, breed, or size dog you are in search of, you will likely be able to find what you’re looking for.

There are various adoption resources available to you. You can search for dogs at a local shelter or humane society. However, you can also find foster or volunteer-based rescues. There are even rescues for specific breeds!

Patience is key for your dog search. If you truly have your heart set on a specific breed, you will probably come across the right dog with the right research and dedication. You may end up having to travel a small distance to find what you’re looking for, but there are always options.

For example, some rescues will swap out breeds with other states. For example, if a state has an overabundance of Chihuahuas; another state that doesn’t have as many may take a few, thereby increasing their likelihood of being adopted. So make sure you check with the rescue before making the trip!

Rescues Often Provide Cover for Medical Expenses

Another attractive benefit that comes with adopting a rescue dog versus buying a dog from a breeder is that rescue dogs come spayed or neutered. They are also examined upon arriving at the facility for any health problems, and all of their necessary shots are updated as well.

When you buy a puppy from a breeder, it becomes your responsibility to not only take care of all of these expensive health procedures but to pay for them too.

Mixed Breeds Frequently Have Fewer Health Problems

It probably comes as no surprise that mixed breed dogs typically have fewer health issues. This is because they have a more diverse DNA.

Frequently, rescue dogs are several different breeds. Purebred dog breeds often have genetic conditions and specific health issues that can quickly become expensive and impact the quality of your dog’s life.

It Is Less Expensive to Rescue a Dog or Puppy Than Buy

The cost of buying a dog from a breeder is hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of dollars. Of course, then you also have to factor in the cost of a spay or neuter, puppy shots, the necessary supplies you’ll need, and so much more.

Depending on what kind of facility you adopt through, the cost is usually under a hundred dollars. Sometimes foster agencies can have higher adoption costs because they run solely on volunteers and donations.

Puppies may be priced a little higher due to the demand. Many people are desperate for a puppy, and so because there is a limited supply, the rescue may charge more. However, this money goes towards a good cause: keeping the rescue running.

Regardless, the financial benefit of rescuing a dog versus buying from a breeder, the right dog for you doesn’t have to be expensive.

Fostered Dogs Are Better Assessed

If you want to know more about a dog’s personality or temperament, adopting through a foster organization is wise. Some organizations even let you know if the dog you want to adopt is suitable to live with other dogs, cats, or children.

Knowing information like this ahead of time can help ease the transition when you adopt a new family member. Because you’ll be able to expect what their temperament is, you can plan accordingly.

Final Thoughts

Adopting a dog is an important way to ethically get a pet. You’re giving a dog a second chance at life, and you’ll be ensuring that a dog who may be down on its luck gets the loving home it deserves.

There are so many dogs who will love you unconditionally and fit right into your family or your lifestyle. You can find the perfect dog through rescue.