Pampering Your Dog With Its Own Cologne Or Perfume

As unbelievable as it may sound, many people say that pets and their owners start to resemble each other over the years. I personally know a man who looks a lot like his old pet Yorkie. But whether or not you start to look like your dog, you certainly don’t want to smell like your dog!

This is why the perfume industry is now catering to the most sensitive noses on the planet: Dogs. Whether you want to deodorize your pooch after a long jog in the park, keep him smelling powder fresh all day long, or just give him a boost of a strong jasmine scent for that extra attention, there’s definitely a dog perfume out there that will appeal to both you and your dog.

A Great Addition To Grooming Habits

Giving your dog his own perfume is definitely the next step in grooming. It is more than just giving him a bath and getting his coat trimmed. Dog perfume is a whole new level of pampering your animal buddy.

Dog perfumes and colognes have evolved to meet the needs of consumers with four-legged friends. Since perfumes are considered an accessory, like outfits and jewelry, the way you dress and pamper your dog reflects your personal style. So if are into perfumes, you can now buy one exclusively for your dog.

Is Cologne Too Strong For Your Dog?

Dog colognes and perfumes are very popular these days. But what’s even more popular are grooming spritzes and sprays. Spritzes and sprays offer the same sweet scents and freshness for your dog, but they are not too strong like regular cologne. Their fresh scents appeal to the upper class but the prices are reasonable so that people from every income bracket can afford to buy a dog spray.

Dog sprays, as well as spritzes, were first used to extend the time between your dog’s baths. Nowadays these products keep your dog smelling fresh and better for a longer period of time. Some are even formulated to repel dirt, making your dog really clean and not just smelling clean. Other sprays have glitters in them and give your pooch a little sparkle and make her truly the belle of the ball.