Learn The Shocking Truth About Pet Stores

Pet stores are a very popular place to shop for young puppies and other animals of your choice. There is practically a pet store in almost every city. And it is hard to resist that cute and desperate-looking puppy caged up waiting to be taken home.  But before you make this decision you really should know a little bit of “insider” information about these pet stores and the origins of the puppies they sell.

Have you ever heard of puppy mills?

Do you know where most of these puppies come from that you see being sold in pet stores? There are certain breeding centers that cater to high-volume puppy production which sells them to pet stores, which then is sold to you.  They are called “puppy mills” and are probably the most disgusting form of dog breeding practices that I have seen.

Disclaimer: Let me be clear on one thing: Not every pet store gets their puppies from puppy mills, but enough research has been done to find that a large majority of stores in the United States do in fact use puppy mills as their resource for pets to sell to the public.

What exactly are puppy mills?

To put it in simple terms, a puppy mill is a farm. These farms breed animals for profits, mostly dogs. That may not sound that harsh but imagine these puppies being bred in high volumes and mistreated in the same way that cattle or chickens are.

If that doesn’t give you a disturbing vision, then imagine cages stacked upon cages with these small adorable puppies, all suffering and ignored.  Now picture rows and rows of these dog-filled cages, all with minimal human contact and the only care they are getting is enough food and water to survive. You can easily find pictures by doing research online which would absolutely break your heart.

What is so bad about buying a puppy that originated from a puppy mill?

Many of these dogs have what is called “early stress syndrome” and may grow up to be nervous and frightened dogs which is very hard to instill confidence with training.  Of course, there are exceptions to the rule with these puppies, however, before you spend your hard-earned cash be sure to know all there is to know about where your puppy came from when considering purchasing from a pet store.