Introducing Your Dog To Canine Sporting Events and Competitions

Are you the athletic type that has considered starting a sports activity program that you and your dog can both enjoy together? Would you like to see him jump high into the air and catch a high-speed disc or retrieve a ball thrown out of visibility into a trial-area? Or maybe go through a maze in an obstacle course and watch your buddy come through with tremendous accuracy?

If this interests you, then you’ll be happy to know that there are several sports activities that you and your canine friend can both participate in. Dog sports such as agility, obedience trials, musical freestyle, canicross, disc dog, field trials, and many others are becoming more and more popular among dog enthusiasts, and for various reasons:

1. It is a great way to exercise your dog and keep him in great shape

2. It provides an excellent opportunity for you and your dog to connect on a different level.

3. It is a great way to meet like-minded dog lovers.

Warning: We strongly encourage that you take your dog to the vet for a complete physical check-up before starting any kind of sport. This is to ensure that he is in healthy shape and not suffering from any type of physical condition that can hinder his performance or cause harm to the animal.

Two Factors To Consider When Picking A Sport

What type of activity or sport does your dog like to do, one that he does really well with? If you already know the answer to this question, then the next step is to just get familiar with the types of dog sports that are out there and pick one that you think best matches your dog’s favorite activity.

However, if your dog is not currently engaged in any kind of activity, consider the following factors:

1. His breed. Your dog’s genetics play an important part in the type of activity that he may enjoy, as well as his ability to perform that specific activity. Understanding his history and heritage makes it easier for you to find a sport or activity that is most suited for his breed.

Learn more about your breed. Find out what type of job his ancestors did and what they were originally bred to do. For instance, most, if not all dog breeds from the spaniel or retriever family, will do great in water sports and retrieving, although it doesn’t mean that water sports and retrieving are the only two things that you should consider.

2. His personality. In addition to his physical abilities, you also need to consider his personality. Some dogs love nothing more than to run a long-distance course or catch a flying ball. These dogs will definitely do well in many types of dog sporting events. Other dogs are a little slow at first, but with the right training and motivation, they too can have fun and benefit from participating in canine sports.