Fleas : Combat Fleas By Treating The Entire House

Once you know there is a flea problem with your dog, you must attack it from every angle so that these menacing little vampires do not come back into your life again in the future. You must treat the inside of your home and even your yard area so that any fleas that have survived after you treated your dog will not start munching on your blood again.

If you have never experienced a major flea infestation in your home than you should be singing praises. It is an awful experience and one that I am personally connected to since I had to literally flea bomb the inside of my house as well as the entire backyard. The flea problem was so bad that after treating my dog each time, there was an army of fleas that had replaced the old ones within 48 hours. It wasn’t until I learned about looking deeper into the problem and treated the yard and house entirely, that my flea problem would finally go away forever.

The very second you discover a problem with fleas, you need to treat every room in your house.  Below are a few pointers to help you get started:

1. You may already know this, but the very first thing you need to do is contact your veterinarian and ask him for flea fighting advice.  Too many people run out and get the wrong products and waste a lot of time trying to combat fleas without consulting a professional.

2. Treat your dog’s bedding area just as thoroughly as you treated your dog.  Wash it with a detergent that is designed to combat fleas. A better solution is to just throw it out and replace the dog bed altogether.

3. Vacuum several times each day, every day, for up to two weeks.  Yes, I realize that this sounds very tedious to do, but trust me, it is absolutely necessary in order to extract all of the fleas from your carpet.  Many fleas jump off of your dog when he is being treated and hide out in the deep threads of your floor until the time if right for them to attack again. Vacuuming every day will also clean up any eggs that these fleas have left behind.

4. When shopping for flea-fighting products for your dog and your house, try to select one that is designed to treat all of the life stages that a flea has.  And be sure to use this product in every room of your house because fleas are quite good at traveling from one area to another at lightning speed.