Dog Breeding Is Not For Amateurs

If you browse through the free dog sales advertising websites you will notice that there are hundreds of puppies for sale every day. Many of these offers are made by professional breeders who have a reputation for being extremely passionate about what it is they do. On the other hand, most of these puppies for sale that is out there are being offered by people that decided to breed their dogs, but lack the experience needed to make dog breeding a lifelong endeavor.

If you are one of these people who does not take great interest in dog breeding for a living, yet is considering breeding your dogs in order to make a few extra dollars and maybe even keep a puppy or two, it would behoove of you to read the following cons when it comes to dog breeding:

1. Professional dog breeders know the importance of sacrificing their time so that the puppies are born as healthy and strong as possible. This amount time can take hours and hours of devotion each and every day. You may want to reconsider dog breeding if you are not prepared to give up a large chunk of your freedom.

The largest part of your time will be spent on advertising and handling phone calls and inquiries from interested buyers. Men and women who are interested in the types of puppies you have available will have all sorts of questions and you must be ready to answer these questions at any given time. 95% of those who contact you with interest in your puppies will just ask questions or come by and look at the dogs, but will not end up buying one. Some new dog breeders do not have the patience for dealing with people like this.

2. Dog breeding also requires a great interest and knowledge about genetics, as well as knowing what steps to take to prevent genetic diseases. The process of dog pregnancy and how to assist with the whelping phase is one that you must be prepared for.

Dog breeding is a lot more than just putting a male and female together in hopes that they mate. You must be aware of the different ways to prevent health problems and educate yourself on the proper nutritional needs of the new puppies as well as the pregnant mother’s food needs throughout the pregnancy.