7 Ways To Improve The Life Of Rescue Dogs

There are many dogs out there that are, for several reasons, left without a home and end up being displaced at a shelter. If you are thinking about helping these homeless dogs but aren’t sure what to do, the best way to improve the lives of shelter dogs is to adopt one.

Giving these dogs a good home is the most important thing that you can do. But if adopting a dog is just not an option right now, there are other things that you can do to better the lives of shelter dogs.  Below are several suggestions to keep in mind.

1. Visit your local shelter and spend some time with the dogs. Donating some of your time to simply hang out and play with these canine residents can make a huge difference to their lives. Most of the time, shelter staff are very busy with their work and they do not have the extra time to interact with the dogs. Shelter employees can always use the help of others to come and play and socialize with their residence. They are more than happy to show you around and figure out what you can do to help out.

As a volunteer, you can take the dogs for a walk around the block, give them a little pampering by brushing their coats, or just be there and hang out with them.  Shelter dogs get very little attention, and a short visit with them does a lot to improve their well-being.

2. You may volunteer to take these dogs to an obedience class that will better their chances for adoption.

3. Take one day of the week to help wash and groom the dogs and then bring them to adoption fairs.

4. Sponsor a fundraising party and donate the cash to your local rescue organization. You may also ask for donations of items that you can bring to the shelter.  These include blankets, food and treats, collars, leashes, toys, kennels, etc.

5. You may also volunteer to be a foster parent and keep the rescued dog at your house until he or she finds a permanent home.

6. Inform people about dog adoption and being a shelter volunteer by placing an ad in your local paper or putting up signs on bulletin boards and at dog parks.

7. And last but not least, keep in mind that the best way to prevent shelter overcrowding is to spay or neuter your pets and to spread the word about the benefits of getting these house pets fixed.