Travel Tips When Taking A Vacation With Your Dog

In order to have a comfortable and enjoyable time when traveling with your dog, you need to prepare certain things ahead of time. You need to be ready in case of an emergency or any unpredictable situation that may occur. So keep in mind the following 13 items and make sure that you have them ready and available before you go on that road trip with your dog.

1. A dog crate or den with a small blanket inside for your dog’s safety and comfort, or a seatbelt harness if you prefer to have him stay on the seat.

2. An adequate supply of dog food to last for the entire trip. Make sure to bring enough extra food, especially if your dog is a fussy eater.

3. At least three gallons of extra water for your dog. If you are going to a different country, keep in mind that the water there may be different from the water you have at home. Since your dog may be sensitive to the differences in the water which could make him sick, be sure that you carry enough water to last for the entire trip.

4. A water bowl, particularly one that is heavy enough to prevent spilling so that it can be used inside a moving vehicle. An alternative to this is to teach your dog how to drink out of a water bottle.

5. A first-aid kit specifically made for your dog.

6. A buckle collar with a clear and legible ID tag as well as a tag and license that show his updated vaccination for rabies. This tag should be worn at all times.

7. Two – five chew toys.

8. Extra toys for him to play with, which will also help to keep him busy during the road trip.

9. An extra leash and extra collar.

10. Any vitamins or medication that he is currently taking such as heartworm pills or flea control.

11. Paper towels and plastic bags to clean up after his potty breaks.

12. His grooming kit, which includes a brush, flea comb, nail clippers, toothbrush, and other items that you regularly use during his grooming sessions.

13. Thick towels and large blankets in case he decides to jump in a river or run in a muddy ground when you stop the vehicle for breaks.