Tips to Exercise Your Four-Legged Friend!

As exercise is essential for us to maintain a healthy weight, the flexibility of muscles and joints, the same way it is very important for our four-legged faithful pets to indulge in some form of exercise. It helps them to remain fit and agile helping them to increase their life span. Before you decide to put your dog on an exercise regime, it is a good idea to see a vet who would access the current fitness level of your dog and recommend a few exercises to start with.

Dogs need a lot of motivation to exercise, so a good way to start this exercise regime is to accompany your pet for the first few times. The first of all the Dog tips is to start slow like a simple walking or swimming session. Let them slowly build up their muscle and cardiovascular strength without compromising on their joints. You must watch out for any signs of fatigue or breathing trouble as it can lead to serious problems. Safety for your dog is very important; keep an eye on your dog while running to keep him out of the path of vehicles and if you are running in the dark ensure that your dog is wearing a reflector collar.

If you choose running as a primary exercise for your dog make sure that most of the running is done on grass or dirt paths because concrete and gravel can irritate the paws of your precious pet. In extreme weather choose an indoor activity like fetch instead of going out. One of the most important dog tips is that when you make your dog exercise you need to replenish the fluid in his body so you must give him enough water before and after exercise.

There are many benefits of exercising your dog apart from keeping them healthy and agile. Exercising helps to reduce behavior problems like digging, excessive chewing. If your dog is suffering from constipation or digestive problems then exercising will help cure them. Exercising also helps make your dog confident. While you work on exercising the body of your dog you must pay attention to exercising the brain of your pet as well. You can achieve this with food puzzle toys or prompt him to hunt for his dinner etc.

Like all exercise routines, your dog’s exercise routine would also demand some variations from time to time. So you must find some more innovative ways to exercise the mind and body of your pet to keep him exercising happily!