Dog Tips for Senior Dog Owners

Owning a dog can certainly be a wonderful experience, especially when you have bonded and he or she has been in the family for many years. When your constant companion starts getting on in years, the way you take care of them becomes more important than ever before. Senior dog owners are at risk of a major disappointment if their favorite pet leaves the earth as a result of even minor neglect. There are many things that the senior dog owner can do to enhance the life and life expectancy of their constant companion.

Pay Attention

Now that Fido has been with you for about 7 or 8 years, paying closer attention is of utmost importance. Watch how they breathe especially after some light exercise and while they are sleeping. A dog that appears to get tired easily is probably in need of a change in diet with the addition of some vitamins. Look in their eyes and notice if the gaze seems sharp or distant. With a powerful sense of smell, it may be difficult to notice degrading eyesight.

Smell their Breath

One of the most important dog tips for your aging canine is to take a whiff of his or her’s breath. An older dog that has had its teeth neglected can become very sick. Regular visits to the veterinarian are especially important for an aging dog. Bacteria in the mouth can lead to more severe complications. Smell their breath, it’s a dead giveaway.

Diet –

There are many senior dog”pet foods on the market today to help aid your companion’s regularity and provide the necessary additional vitamins that may be lacking in regular dog food. Consult your veterinarian about the dietary needs of your senior dog.

Exercise –

Although older dogs can get winded a little quicker that is no excuse to leave them curled up on the floor all day. Dogs need exercise. Walk your constant companion on a regular basis while keeping an eye out for fatigue. Exercise will aid its physical and mental health.

Regular Checkups –

Veterinarians aren’t cheap but unless you want your constant companion to meet an early demise, it is most important to have regular checkups. Dog owners need to take responsibility for getting their canines to the vet’s office on a regular basis.