The Dangers Of Snakes and Insect Bites Your Dog May Face

When your dog is having fun running around in nature’s great outdoors, there is always a good possibility that he will be bit by bugs or even a snake, as well as stung by creatures like scorpions and bees.

Most of these outdoor injuries are minor and although your dog may experience some discomfort, these small bites and stings will pass after a day or two.  But if you are a little more concerned about your dog safety and the possibility that he may be suffering more pain than he lets on, the following information can help you prepare for these types of injuries:

When your dog is stung or bitten by insects

Most insect bites are just a minor annoyance to a dog, similar to how it feels when you or I get bit by a mosquito. There is just a small red spot with some swelling, but life goes on, and after a day or so, the bite mark subsides. On the other hand, if your dog is allergic to the bite or sting that he experiences, this may cause a severe reaction that is often proved to be life-threatening. You’ll know if your dog is allergic to specific types of insect bites and stings if he is showing such conditions as joint pain, vomiting, swelling, diarrhea, and fever.

On the extreme side, if your dog is highly allergic to any number of bug bites and stings, there is the possibility that he will go into respiratory failure.  If this does happen, there is a real chance that he could die within minutes.  There is a term for this reaction and it is called “anaphylaxis” which requires the immediate attention of your veterinarian.

When your dog is bitten by a snake

Snake bites are rare in most locations but in some areas where there is an abundance of bushes and trees, and even streams of water, snakes may pose a serious threat to your dog.  The good news is that most makes are not poisonous and many dogs suffer only mild pain for a few days after being bitten.  However, there are those venomous snakes that can cause severe illness if your dog is bitten by one.

How can you tell if the snakes in your area are poisonous? You will know if you are living around poisonous snakes by reading the following basic guidelines:

1. In North America, most of the snakes that are solid in color or have stripes that run down the entire length of their body are considered to be nonpoisonous.

2. Poisonous snakes in North America include water moccasins, cottonmouths, rattlesnakes, and copperheads.  Most of the snakes will display stripes of color that run around their body. Blotchy color patterns are also signs of a venomous snake. And of course, the classic diamondback design on a snake is most definitely a poisonous threat to your dog.