Walking, A Great Way To Exercise Your Dog

Did you know that your dog will become inactive, dull, and overweight if he is confined inside your home for long periods of time? Not only that, but he is also likely to develop some type of behavioral problems like excessive barking or chewing, and will have a tendency to develop aggressive destructive behavior. Therefore, exercise is not only important because it keeps your dog happy, but it is also vital for your dog’s physical well-being, as well as his mental health.

Exercise is also an excellent approach for you to bond and spends some quality time with your beloved pal. In addition, exercising your dog is also a great benefit for you personally to stay fit, active, and get your heart pumping.  So all in all, exercise is an activity that can benefit both you and your dog and is part of the joy of being a dog owner.


A simple exercise that you and your dog can enjoy is walking. Your dog requires daily exercise, and walking is an excellent activity that both you and your canine friend can be a part of.

The slow, gentle movement of walking helps you and your dog in several ways: It tones your muscles, provides oxygen to your heart, and is beneficial to your lungs. If your dog is not used to walking or if he is a little overweight, start him off with a short 15-minute walk. Slowly build up the pace as he gets more used to it.

If you are the type of person who loves to just go out for a walk and feel the breath of fresh air, then a 1-2 mile of daily walk is all it takes to keep your dog fit, and maybe even more if you are up for the challenge. Your dog will certainly love it, especially if you have one with a high level of energy.

However, if you do not have the time for long walks, or maybe the idea of walking for 2 miles is simply not your idea of fun, then your dog will be just as happy if you can only take him for a quick walk around the block twice a day.